Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Texas Friends

We finally made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have been wanting to visit with Ray and Susanne for years. They are friends of ours, that we first met, when the guys were in the Navy together in Washington D.C. She had a new little baby boy and John & I had just got married....... What a long time ago that was.... Guess time flies when you are having fun!!!

This is Susanne and Ray and we are heading over for a good visit with Ray's Mom and Dad who live next door. Of course, we are bringing a nice dinner treat. It was so good to meet Ray's Mom and Dad. We knew so much about them that they seemed like family.

Ray and John..... I think after beating Susanne and me in pinochle....

Hey...... here is a Jukebox...... let's dance... come on guys..... It's our music!!!!!!!!

The four of us on a trip to see the goings on in Poynor, Texas and there abouts........ I think this is at Love's Lookout!!!! That is a good place for us to visit........yes?????????

Visiting Good Friends in Pensacola

Not everyone knows the most beautiful part of Florida is Pensacola. I have never seen such gorgeous beaches that go on for miles and miles. My heart is deeply attached to Pensacola, our friends and memories that we have there.
Visiting the Harris family. Melissa and Ron live right on the bayou and the view is just spectacular. They are both avid seafarers. What wonderful lunches, dinners and great catching up time we shared.

The gang.... the three of us!!! Sue, Melissa & me!!

Sue and George...... We were lucky to get some good visiting, a early 1970 slide show that we all tried to figure out who was who......heeeee...... and a great dinner... Did you know????? George is a good cook!!!!
Our last stop..... the "OLD NEIGHBORHOOD". What a change!!! Our poor house looks real bad from the storms.... but we were lucky to get in a good visit with a very dear friend that lives right next to our old home. It was great to see Maryann and catch up with her family news. Two of her sons were there and taking good care of her. She is really blessed.

Visiting Family in Florida

We had just a short stop at John's brother, Mike's home in Dunedin...... We sent Mike off to work so only got a picture of Ella, Pam and John...
Now down to Davie, Florida...... to visit Uncle George and Aunt Sally. They still had all the holiday decorations up...... What a wonderful Christmas tree. Many of the Christmas ornaments were from trips to England.

Uncle George, Aunt Sally, Ella and John out to dinner at their favorite Thai eating place.

Now here is a well Christmas decorated home.

The four of us outside their home. What a wonderful time we had..... we were sorry we couldn't stay longer.