Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Texas Friends

We finally made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have been wanting to visit with Ray and Susanne for years. They are friends of ours, that we first met, when the guys were in the Navy together in Washington D.C. She had a new little baby boy and John & I had just got married....... What a long time ago that was.... Guess time flies when you are having fun!!!

This is Susanne and Ray and we are heading over for a good visit with Ray's Mom and Dad who live next door. Of course, we are bringing a nice dinner treat. It was so good to meet Ray's Mom and Dad. We knew so much about them that they seemed like family.

Ray and John..... I think after beating Susanne and me in pinochle....

Hey...... here is a Jukebox...... let's dance... come on guys..... It's our music!!!!!!!!

The four of us on a trip to see the goings on in Poynor, Texas and there abouts........ I think this is at Love's Lookout!!!! That is a good place for us to visit........yes?????????

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