Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Texas Friends

We finally made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have been wanting to visit with Ray and Susanne for years. They are friends of ours, that we first met, when the guys were in the Navy together in Washington D.C. She had a new little baby boy and John & I had just got married....... What a long time ago that was.... Guess time flies when you are having fun!!!

This is Susanne and Ray and we are heading over for a good visit with Ray's Mom and Dad who live next door. Of course, we are bringing a nice dinner treat. It was so good to meet Ray's Mom and Dad. We knew so much about them that they seemed like family.

Ray and John..... I think after beating Susanne and me in pinochle....

Hey...... here is a Jukebox...... let's dance... come on guys..... It's our music!!!!!!!!

The four of us on a trip to see the goings on in Poynor, Texas and there abouts........ I think this is at Love's Lookout!!!! That is a good place for us to visit........yes?????????

Visiting Good Friends in Pensacola

Not everyone knows the most beautiful part of Florida is Pensacola. I have never seen such gorgeous beaches that go on for miles and miles. My heart is deeply attached to Pensacola, our friends and memories that we have there.
Visiting the Harris family. Melissa and Ron live right on the bayou and the view is just spectacular. They are both avid seafarers. What wonderful lunches, dinners and great catching up time we shared.

The gang.... the three of us!!! Sue, Melissa & me!!

Sue and George...... We were lucky to get some good visiting, a early 1970 slide show that we all tried to figure out who was who......heeeee...... and a great dinner... Did you know????? George is a good cook!!!!
Our last stop..... the "OLD NEIGHBORHOOD". What a change!!! Our poor house looks real bad from the storms.... but we were lucky to get in a good visit with a very dear friend that lives right next to our old home. It was great to see Maryann and catch up with her family news. Two of her sons were there and taking good care of her. She is really blessed.

Visiting Family in Florida

We had just a short stop at John's brother, Mike's home in Dunedin...... We sent Mike off to work so only got a picture of Ella, Pam and John...
Now down to Davie, Florida...... to visit Uncle George and Aunt Sally. They still had all the holiday decorations up...... What a wonderful Christmas tree. Many of the Christmas ornaments were from trips to England.

Uncle George, Aunt Sally, Ella and John out to dinner at their favorite Thai eating place.

Now here is a well Christmas decorated home.

The four of us outside their home. What a wonderful time we had..... we were sorry we couldn't stay longer.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 is now here

Lynn and Ray at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This exhibit on the life of Genghis Khan and the life in the 13th century Mongolia was extremely well done. We experienced the sounds of Battle grounds, market places and a life that has now vanished.
The rest of our group......Alissa, Amber and Donna, and of course Mongolia's most revered leader. A real bronze monument like this is at the entrance to the parliament building in the Mongolian capitol, Allaanbaatar, looking on Sukhboatar Square, the city center.

Our flight back to Florida turn out to be real long. We gave up our tickets to get two free flights..... They gave us first class tickets with 4 hour lay overs in Colorado Springs and Chicago. This is Grandpa John in first class.... his first time in first class..... He was like a boy in a candy jar..... a chocolate candy jar....... I told him if he didn't start behaving I would take a picture of him........ so I did!!!!!!!!

Ella, Pam and John. Pam is our sister-in-law. We had only a short 2 days with her. It was great to have some time with her.... last time we were there she was away in West Virginia helping her Mom.

Next, we were off to Aunt Sally and Uncle George's home in Davie, Florida. We had a fabulous time with great food and a lot of reminiscing. Uncle George is 92 and they are a busy square dancing couple. Their home was in splendid Christmas decor..... They really have the Christmas spirit.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy 2010 Colorado Style

Great skating with Grandma.................

Look...... Mom can keep up with us....

Happy New Year Everyone

Great family, great fun! We are so blessed!!!!!!!

Christmas in Colorado Springs

Ray, Lynn, Amber and Alissa.....

Christmas Scavenger Hunt........ again for Christmas......................

Jonell's family joins in for a White Christmas...... See the snow angels??????

Wow..... what fun........ event the Moms love this sledding..... It was a great day.......sun was out, no wind and a great sledding hill. Thanks Lynn for all the great activities.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas week in Georgia

Westview Baptist Church...... We went to a Christmas Cantata..... The music was lovely and homilies were full of the Christmas Spirit.
Next we attended the Shirley Hills Baptist Church in Warner Robins. They had a grand program called "A Walk Through Bethlehem". This was only open on the 19 and 20 of December from 3-10pm. We entered the town of Bethlehem in groups of about 15. We were given a tour guide who was there to help us find lodging.
I really wish my pictures had turned out better but I was told that there was no flash photography in these days.
Anyway....... as we entered Bethlehem we each had to pay taxes (they gave us coins). They had chickens running loose, a camel, and many merchants who sold all kinds of items, such as..... bread, candles, pottery, silk, a carpenter and a basket weaver, to mention some. So you really got immersed into the sounds, smells and sights that was Bethlehem the night Jesus was born. The walls, the ground and each merchant looked real. The tour guide would ask each merchant if they knew a place for us to stay but the answer was always the same "No room in the Inn."

Eventually, we came across some sheperds and while talking with them an Angel appeared and announced.................
"Christ is born in Bethlehem......Glory to the new born King"
We followed the sheperds and were led to where the baby laid in the manger. Let me tell you ..... this was so well done. We then were led to hot coffee or hot chocolate and cookies. I am sure our God is well pleased with everyone who was apart of this program.