Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 is now here

Lynn and Ray at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This exhibit on the life of Genghis Khan and the life in the 13th century Mongolia was extremely well done. We experienced the sounds of Battle grounds, market places and a life that has now vanished.
The rest of our group......Alissa, Amber and Donna, and of course Mongolia's most revered leader. A real bronze monument like this is at the entrance to the parliament building in the Mongolian capitol, Allaanbaatar, looking on Sukhboatar Square, the city center.

Our flight back to Florida turn out to be real long. We gave up our tickets to get two free flights..... They gave us first class tickets with 4 hour lay overs in Colorado Springs and Chicago. This is Grandpa John in first class.... his first time in first class..... He was like a boy in a candy jar..... a chocolate candy jar....... I told him if he didn't start behaving I would take a picture of him........ so I did!!!!!!!!

Ella, Pam and John. Pam is our sister-in-law. We had only a short 2 days with her. It was great to have some time with her.... last time we were there she was away in West Virginia helping her Mom.

Next, we were off to Aunt Sally and Uncle George's home in Davie, Florida. We had a fabulous time with great food and a lot of reminiscing. Uncle George is 92 and they are a busy square dancing couple. Their home was in splendid Christmas decor..... They really have the Christmas spirit.

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