Monday, January 4, 2010

Animal Kingdom - Disney, Fl

DISNEY'S ANIMAL KINGDOM......What a place this was... we could not believe how beautifully it was done. And the truth be know, we thought we would see everything we wanted to see in a few hours. Right after the entrance we opened the map..... "Lordie, Lordie it is huge"...... And we stayed until the gates closed.
THE TREE OF LIFE.... and oh what a tree it is to you see all the gnarls? Well they are animals.

Know do you see??... See the hippo , monkey, alligator and snake?
Now have you ever see an live tree branch.... literally moving???? Can you see the face??????
This is Diana and Suriya..... remember them from Sacramento?? We had a nice but way to fast lunch with them & their 2 children in Orlando. How great to back in touch with good friends. They now live in Florida.

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