Monday, January 4, 2010

Epcot Disney World, Florida

MISSION SPACE.... This shows the space shuttle simulator where we had our lesson. It was real neat.... I was the co-pilot and John was the commander.
GM TEST TRACK........ In this ride we were part of the program to test cars ability on bumpy roads, on turns and in hot and cold weather. What fun......
SOARIN....... This was the busiest of rides. It took us soaring over California vineyards, water and mountains. It was like flying in a hang glider.
LIVING WITH THE LAND...... I love this ride that took us to a land of growing plant using hydroponics.

All these plants are grown in sand.... Do you see the pumpkin, kale and sugar beets? They also had tomatoes trees, lemon trees and squash growing in large barrels. Then in pipes there was cucumbers and peppers growing. It was enlightening.....

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