Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Friends and Robins Air Force Aviation Museum

Robins Air Force Base Museum, Georgia...... A museum full of Aviation from past wars with a particular emphasis on outstanding men/women from Georgia.
Mike and John in front of the museum..... note behind the two handsome men is a Boeing B18 Lancer. The Lancer has a wing swept of 78ft, 147ft length, and a speed of 900+ mph.

Looks BIG doesn't it boys?????

My battery died after taking this picture..... You know this is a Flying Tiger plane...... flown in WWll...... But the rest of the story is..... the battery is made in Japan. Heeeeee..........

I really love all the information they had on WWll and the Flying Tigers. When we were in China..... in Chun Ching to be exact.....the people there had great admiration for the men of the Flying Tigers. This little niche of history is very interesting to me..... will have to find a book about that part of history sometime.
I found a very interesting story about Brigadier General Robert Lee Scott, who was a Flying Tiger. As a pilot he saw The Great Wall from the air, and promised himself to walk the Wall someday. Finally in 1980, he walked The Wall at the age of 72. He traveled almost 2,000 miles from Tibet to the Yellow Sea and only toting a knapsack filled with homemade oatmeal cookies and water...... ( I have his recipe) ........ and have now made them several times. The cookies are delicious.

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  1. Flying Tiger - What a neat name! Thanks for sharing the history too.