Saturday, August 22, 2009

Custer State Park and Crazy Horse Monument

This, I thought, was a real nice iron sculpture for the entrance of Custer State Park.
The park had many nice bridges and overpasses. We also saw a herd of prong horn antelope. There were many hikes to take but I guess that will be another day.

This sculpture is still a work in progress. It is spectacular!! It is also being funded by private donations plus sales and admission to the park.... even though the USA has offer 10 million dollars to help support the project.

Do you see the light outline of the horses head on the rock? Korczak Ziokowshi,the sculptor, started the project when he was 42 years old with only $175 to his name. He was asked by Chief Red Cloud to create a sculpture representing the American Indian in the USA.

John standing next to the 1/34th replica of the finished monument. This is being overseen by Mrs. Ziolkowshi and 7 of their 10 children.

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