Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Madeline Island, WI

Madeline Island is an inhabited Island near the Apostle Islands. The Ferry Boat ride that the Vue, John and I took was only a 20 minute ride. In the winter the ice gets to 3 feet thick and they make a road from the island to the main land....... now that was hard for me to believe.
The island got its name from ........ of course...... you can guess....
an Indian princess. She was given the White man name Madeline but I love her Obibway name Equasay (sound like E--qua--say).

Standing on the shore of Madeline Island looking over at the mainland.

Love this birch tree and it had the most interesting moss that grew on the trunk.

On one of the walks around the island.

Doesn't this path look inviting.

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