Friday, August 14, 2009

Rocky Mountain National Park with Grandkids

Two Grandchildren got to join us in exploring Rocky Mountain National Park. This truely is "Colorful Colorado". The mountains are full of all shades of orange.

John with cousin Connie and Connie's daughter Denise. We had a wonderful visit and were so glad to see them.

Ella and her long lost friend from Alaska. We had a great lunch and got to catch up on all kinds of up coming events. I also got to meet her Denver friend.

We all got to see this Big Horn Sheep herd come into Sheep Lakes here at the Rocky Mountain National Park. When the ranger started his talk they came closer, like they were listening to what he was saying.

Grandma thought this was a beautiful bug..... Grandchild could not be convinced that it was a thing of beauty.

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  1. Caroline is still not convinced that the bug is pretty.