Friday, October 9, 2009

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

We had 2 way of leaving Prince Edward Island..... one by way of the bridge or the other by way of a LARGE ferry boat. We elected to go by way of the ferry boat. What an experience that was ...... our RV on a ferry boat..... Can you believe that????? We had smooth sailing and were soon dropped off on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
The next day was cloudy so we took the opportunity to head towards the Fortress of Louisbourg. What a captivating place and fascinating history this Fortress holds. In the 1800 it was France's key economic centers. The money was in cod fishing. The fortress was only there to protect the fishermen. Cod was plentiful at the time and was caught easily.... this is where the saying came " hand over fist" came about. The biggest cod weighed in at 212.5 pounds.

This is at the gate entrance. In 1961 the Government of Canada began to reconstructing approximately one-quarter of the original town and fortifications. Within this area the buildings, yards, gardens and streets are being recreated as they were during the 1740s. They have French soldiers and French people all around depicting the 1740s. I was glad that we wore blue that day. They did not take to travelers in RED.
This lady was "the lady of the house" of one of the French officers. She is making lace ribbon. Both men and women wore lace..... if they were wealthy enough to do so. It was fascinating. She moved those spools around real fast.
These ladies were in the house of one of the most wealthiest men in town. His house was grand, very formal and full of the latest in upgrades. I especially liked his rotisserie in the kitchen.

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