Saturday, October 10, 2009

I know what to do for Grandpa's Birthday.......

We are going wine tasting...... What are the Nova Scotia Wineries like?????? Our fist stop at the Grand Pre Winery..... Did not find any that he liked for the cost..... but I found a seasoning.... Maple Pepper with a mild Curry ..... It smelled delicious Next off to the Muir Murrray Estate Winery....... This winery is settled in the beautiful Annapolis Valley near the town of Wolfville. John love the Eagle Soar variety..... a full bodied red wine.

The country side looked gorgeous with its wine vineyards patched with apple orchards.

This is Gaspereau Vineyard...... It had some good maple wine but the bottles were way to small to buy much

L'Acadie Vineyards is a certified organic winery and the wines were good but out of our price range
We followed up with a great lunch in Wolfville and a stop at the Foxhill Cheese Fromagerie. Boy did they have great cheese....... We limited ourselves to 4.... What a fun day!!!!!

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