Saturday, October 10, 2009

Halifax, Nova Scotia

What a city..... Halifax. And like most big cities, it is easier to use the ferry and bus system to get around. It is the oldest British City in Canada and the second largest harbor in the world.... The stoned wall Citadel was built on the top of the hillside and it made a great fort. The star shaped massive fort with its 20 foot deep ditches, granite ramparts and stone walls made a fort that has never attacked.

The changing of the guards.

This is the Old Town Clock, it is one of Halifax's most famous landmarks. It was a gift from Prince Edward and is used to keep the official time for all residents. What stories they have about this gift.

After the Titanic disaster in 1912, Halifax was the base for many rescue and salvage operations. These are the Titanic grave sites..... note they are arranged in the shape of the bow of a ship. Many of the graves just have numbers.
The history of this grave yard is also filled with the tragic Halifax Explosion of 1917, when two warships collided in the Halifax harbor, detonation tons of TNT and killing nearly 1,700.

What history Halifax has!!!!!!

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