Sunday, October 18, 2009

Philadelphia, PA

This is a wonderful center in Philadelphia..... It is called the National Constitution Center. This museum is just awesome.... with over 100 interactive exhibits. In this one room called "the Signers Hall" there are life size sculptures of the nation's founders right before signing the Declaration of Independence. As you see, I am considering, as a Representative from California, whether to sign or not to sign. I know the rest of the story.
Yes, Benjamin Franklin was a man of many many
traits.... Did you know he was a fireman?
This was at Independence Hall.....

The Assembly Room has been restored to look as it did when used by the founding fathers in 1775 - 1787. It contains the chair George Washington occupied during the drafting of the Constitution. At the top of the chair is a carving of a sun....... which Benjamin Franklin has been noted to have said ..... "the chair of the rising son."
We are at the home of the Liberty Bell. The bell that announced the creation of a new Nation in 1776.

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