Monday, November 16, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg
This living museum is too awesome for words. With its brick street that leads you to a drum and fife parade, the court house, historic taverns, or to the back of the carpentry shop where they are making bricks. Yes, I said making bricks.

Brick making 101 or should I say 1770!!!
First the bricks are formed using the wood form on the table. They used ground sea shell, sand, water and clay. These items were carried by wagon pulled oxen to the site of construction. This is usually done at the property site of where the bricks are to be used. Here shows what looks like a building with smoke coming out of it. In this case, the bricks are the Kiln and the Kiln is the bricks. The outside of the bricks are coated with mud to hold the heat in. They keep the fire stoked with a consistent flame for about 10 days. Yes, that is 24/7 someone is stoking that fire. Then it is let alone to cool down with the lid on the openings for about 10 days. The doors are then removed and the bricks are ready to be used.
Stoking the fire with small pieces of wood. You might note the door over on the side.
Here shows a closer look at the bricks that make up the kiln.

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