Sunday, November 22, 2009

Voyage to the Americas

Four hundred years ago, on December 20, 1606, three merchant ships filled with passengers and cargo embarked from England on a voyage that would set the course of American history. This is their trip and these are the replicas of those ships. The ships were called Susan Constant, Godspeed and the Discovery.
This is the lead ship, called the Susan Constant.

These two ships are the Godspeed and the Discovery. The Godspeed was the second largest vessel in the fleet. It was a 40 ton vessel and the trip to Virginia took 144 days. It carried 13 crew with 39 passengers. The third ship, stayed with the settlers to help discover the inland water ways of the Chesapeake Bay.
On May 13, 104 passengers (boys and men only) selected a site on the banks of the James River, for what was to be America's first permanent English settlement. This is James Fort.
This is the inside of Fort James. It is a triangular recreation of the original fort. Inside the Fort is a Church, a storehouse, buildings, blacksmith, and an armory. It was just amazing. We saw the blacksmith making nails and a carpenter building a shop for the fort. The carpenter only used the tools of the 1600. John and I were very impressed.

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