Monday, November 16, 2009

Peyton Randolph House in Williamsburg, VA

The Peyton Randolph house.
Peyton Randolph served the Colony of Virginia in many of its highest governmental offices and became the 1st President of the Continental Congress. It was said that he was so well liked by the Colonists and his peers that if he had not got sick and died before the signing of the United States Constitution, he might have been our first President.

The Peyton house dining room. Note the pig's head and lamb shank. Julia Child would be pleased. The dinner was a very important event in the day. It was served at 4 pm and it was a 4 or 5 course meal. The Peyton's had slaves and would educate the them. The grounds and home were lovely.
The Peyton House kitchen.
In those days, the kitchens were usually a house by themselves.....because of the likelihood of a fire and burning down. Do you see the handle the lady has on the lid that is covered with coals? It was on the round pan with rolls. That was the oven. Do you see the chicken or squab (young pigeon) cooking? What an interesting site to in the 1700. It was a days job, for sure. No such thing as fast food.
I am having Peanut Soup for lunch. I love soup!! However, this soup looked real brown, had a real thick consistency like mud and I had to eat it real slow..... you know me..... too many peanuts can make me gag. It was good but not my favorite soup.

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