Sunday, November 1, 2009


This is the National History Museum, one of the Smithsonian Museum, here in Washington D.C. This is, I would guess, one of the greatest kids museum that I have ever seen. It ranges from bugs, moon rocks, sea animals, a saber-tooth tiger and dinosaurs..... and that is just to mention a few things. At the entrance you are greeted by an African Elephant that is 8 tons and 13 foot tall. It was like being in the movie....."A Night at the Museum".
National Museum of American History..... This museum is nothing but mind-boggling. What great collections!!!!! There are so many sections in this museum that it was hard to pick out only 3 more to show but here goes......

This is from a section that was called.... The First Ladies of the Smithsonian........ It was great to see the various items that the First Ladies have donated to the Smithsonian. The items arranges from their china, jewelry, gowns and there is a 8x10 photo of each first lady. This photo shows Martha Washington ball room dress.
This is the Bon Appetit Room...... Julia Child's kitchen which gave us a sneak peek into the famous chef's Massachusetts favorite room. We even watch her (on a monitor) prepare Beef Bourguignonne. Boy did it look good.
Because of the Great Depression, thousands of Americans took to living in their trailers year around. Although many people looked down on them, trailer parks provided a low cost housing alternative. John and I felt right at home........

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