Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Georgia Friends

Does this say..... "Country Roads??????"..... I could hear the music from the John Denver song.. Boy, do I have childhood memories of Country Roads just like these.
Then the roads open up onto this dramatically beautiful home nestled in a pine forest. What a gorgeous place Julie and Mike have.

Julie & Mike..... friends we first met in 1966 when we all were stationed at Cheltenham Naval Station in Maryland, just out of Washington D. C.
The guys checking out our road map. Mike was very impressed....... but ended by saying "You haven't seen enough of Georgia." So we are coming back in December to do some more Georgia sightseeing. Julie and I are excited about going to Savannah.
Our RV in storage at Julie and Mikes home out in the newly planted olive orchard. We took a flight out to San Diego for 2 weeks to see some grandchildren. Thanks Julie & Mike.

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