Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Welcome to the Wild Animal Safari at Pine Mountain, Georgia. We got these wonderful tickets from Greg and Jonell. It was a nice drive up here and the mountains were full of the earthy colors of Autumn. This is a 500 acre park, filled with wild and exotic species of animals from around the world.
We saw these appropriate designed Zebra Vans and rented one for our trip. I wish you could have seen John and Julie...... they were laughing so hard..... the Van looks good from here but what you do not see....... It had no side windows & some had leather straps over the window area, the sides were scratched & dented, they were very dirty and looked like it was on its last leg....BUT the guys said the engine sounds good..... Upon seeing this, I began to realize that we did not know what we were in for & where this adventure was going to take us.

This is a good old Texas Long Horn, with North American Bison, and a water buffalo. But even better, in this photo, you can see the wonderful grounds that the animals roam and graze freely.
Yes, they even came up to the car to ask for food.

I believe, this is a Banteng from Cambodia Loas. His coat was so shiny that it looked as though it was polished. I am glad he was not wanting to come up to us for food. He was BIG

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