Monday, November 16, 2009


Jamestown Settlement....
This is a living history museum with expansive galleries chronicling Jamestown's origins, the colony's first century, and the convergence of cultures in 17th century Virginia.

Powhatan Indian village...
Looks different then the Indian tepees of the West!!!! The chief of the Powhatan Indian tribe which was called Powhatan and his famous daughter you all know is Matoaka (aka: Pocahontas). When the settlers first arrived the Powhatan Indians were divided into 30 tribes, they were 13,000-14,000 strong and Powhatan was the BIG CHIEF. They were basically hunters and gathers of food. They actually helped the settlers survive several times during the hard winter months.
The inside of the Powhatan Indian hut. They slept on beds above ground and hung food and items from a loft area.
This is a Powhatan canoe that they made out of a tree trunk. They hallowed out the inside of the tree by lighting small fires and then scraping away the burnt areas using sea shells. Some of the bigger canoes, which they left down at the rivers edge, were about 4 feet deep and 50 feet long. Now this canoe did not travel fast but it was their main means of transportation. Their faster canoes would hold 10-30 people and traveled much faster.

How do I look in a Powhatan canoe?????

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