Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another day in Quebec

This is Louis Hebert ...... I was really impressed that after seeing several monuments to famous people or military men that here there was a monument to a farmer. This is a monument to honor the first family to help colonize New France (Quebec). Louis and his wife, Marie Rollett, and 3 children were requested by Champlain to settle and farm the land. They were given a 3 year supply and thru his knowledge of farming they succeeded. On the left side of this statue is his son in law who also helped with farming.
This is a gorgeous Murial of the history of Quebec and its historically important people who made it what it is today. The Murial is about 20feet wide and 50 feet tall on the side of a building.

This is in Place Royale..... It is a cobblestone plaza that was the center of the lower town. This is the site where they have found part of Samuel de Champlain's original first fort. It really brought history alive.

Our Lady of Victories Church....... Our guide telling us the interesting stories about this old church. Note the boat hanging from the ceiling, it is a to scale model of the 1664 boat that brought them to Canada. Have you ever seen a boat in church.
Sunset over the Saint Lawrence River.

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