Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last Day in the Quebec area

This is the bridge to cross over to Ile D Orleans. It is a land filled with rich soil for farming corn, wheat, vegetables, apple trees, some wine vineyards and many Churches.
Of course, there are the fishermen everywhere around the St Lawrence River..... So I finely got some smoked fish and fish pates. YEAH!!!!

This was a wonderful experience. Did you know that some apple cider has as much alcohol content as wine? We tried several varieties..... I found one that I liked...... believe it or not it is....... ice cider...... and as you can guess it is the most expensive...... running at $19-35 for a small bottle. It takes apparently takes 80 to 100 iced apples to make one bottle.
This is the beautiful land.
John found the chocolate factory.


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