Sunday, September 6, 2009

Picture Rocks National Seashore, MI -mainland

We could not resist this Chapel Basin, Mosquito Falls, and around Castle Rock hike. We had heard from 3 people that it was just spectacular. Well, it was all that and more. A ranger also told us that it was the best......... But did we know that it was a 9 1/2 mile hike. He said that he did the hike in about 4 1/2 hours.
We set off on a good pace...... The first part of the hike led us through an area that look like it was right out of Sherwood Forest and I expected to see Robin Hood & his merry men at the next bend. Then we came to the edge of the cliffs and Lake Superior. Do you see the Sea Caves where we kayaked just 2 days ago? Hikes can give a very different prospective.

There were no rails, some tight paths and the drop was permanent. Thank you God, Donna and Moe that I have my poles. I was so glad I had no kids with us on this walk...... I am just to nervous, I guess.

We are behind this couch in the "Falling Rock Cafe" here in Muinsing doing some Internet work and having dinner.
I just love this town..... it is so old country and brought back a lot of childhood memories. Here was a Mom working with her daughter on school work. Several people from town came in for the "jam session" given by a group of oldies but goodies. The music was country, the laughter was friendly and everyone was treated like family. John had to drag me out of there. God Bless America!!!!!
Back at camp watching the sun set on Lake Superior and saying farewell to a wonderful stay. What a place!!!!!!!!

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