Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Notre Dame Basilica

Notre-Dome Basilica of Montreal. The present church was built in 1841. The parish church has had a church, of some kind, on this spot since 1659. The architecture of this building is just spectacular.
When we first open the large wood doors, the ornate grander and brilliant colors just took our breath away. It is just incredible. We of course, went to mass here..... unfortunately, for us, it was in french.... but I was constantly finding myself just amazed by all the intricate details everywhere.
This is the organ loft, if you can call it a loft, that holds an organ with 7,000 pipes. When the organ and the choir sang, it just dominated the whole interior of the church. The organ music was just magical! The sky blue color of the ceiling with the stars is just like being outside.

I did not understand the stained glass windows until we went on the tour. They were created to depict scenes from Montreal's social and religious history. This one is representing the first mass in Montreal. What a day this was!!!!

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