Thursday, September 10, 2009

St Joseph's Oratgory on Mount Royal, Montreal

The St Joseph's Oratory atop Mount Royal is a very popular Shrine on the west side of Montreal. It also has a very large dome and stands very grand on the hill. The basilica's great organs and 52 bell chimes will occasionally rekindle solemn work of great composers. The sound just echos throughout the area.
This is a picture of how it will look when remolding if finished. They have some work to be done on the grounds and some on the back of the building. I was told that here is Montreal there are only two seasons....winter and construction.

This is a photo of the inside ... looking from the back forward to the pews. It is a very simple but very rich looking Church.

Brother Andre's devotion to Saint Joseph and the role that he played in the life of Mary and Jesus was something that was very important to him. At the Church there are many displays from all over the world of Joseph and the Holy Family.
Many claimed that they were cured through the prayers of Brother Andre and Saint Joseph. Because Andre wanted Saint Joseph to be honoured, in 1904 he began the construction of a small chapel on the side of Mount Royal.

This is the small St Joseph chapel in the back of the Basilica.
Here is a picture of the inside of Brother Andre's St Joseph chapel. It really was nice. The Canadian people have real strong belief and devotions to Jesus. They also believe strongly that the saints will act as an intercessor to Jesus for them. Mary and Saint Joseph hold real high favor here in Montreal Canada. The patron of Canada is Saint Joseph. I really love Montreal.

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