Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Apostle Island Cruise Tour

This is Raspberry Island. It has one of the prettiest lighthouses. This Island was acknowledged as being the most beautiful as they framed the large white house.

Devils Island.... This island it the most northern island point of Wisconsin. It is a round island and 60 feet above water level.

Devil’s Island Sea Caves...... It is also known for its Sea Caves that undercut the seashore and looks like honeycombs, on a grand scale.

Hermit Island..... Hermit has some good sand stone formations carved by storms. And there is an interesting story about a man who was banished from Madeline Island and lived the rest of his days as a hermit on this island.

We are going on a cruise
The names of the Apostle Islands are not Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. There are 22 Islands and 6 light houses here in Lake Superior. Their names are Basswood, Hermit, Michigan, Stockton, Oak, Outer, Manitou, Ironwood, Cat, Otter, South & North Twin, Rocky, Devils, Bear, Raspberry, York and Sand Islands. Michigan, Outer, Raspberry, Sand, Devils and Long Islands have light houses. The islands were first used by the Ojibwa Indians for hunting, berries, fishing, and wild rice. Ironwood Island has great forests of hardwood trees. Cat Island is excellent for fishing, and Bear Island, in spite of its name is not notorious for having bears.

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