Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pictured Rock National Seashore, MI

Painted Rock National Seashore was grand, to say the least. We arrived after 2 days of rain and we were fortunate that the weather changed. Seeing how great the sea caves were at Apostle Island we wanted to get a little closer and personal. "So how about kayaking, John?"
I was in charge of navigation and John had controls, rudder and power, isn't that like how it always is????? After 2 hours of instructions on "how not to kill ourselves" we finally hit the water, which to me looked like the ocean....... not Lake Superior.

Could not believe the effects of water, mineral and some iron can make on the rocks. It was just unbelievable!!!!!

This is in front of Miner Castle which is just something I will never forget. The water was so many shades of blue and by the afternoon the orange, yellow and red colors of the rocks just reflected on the top of the water ..... it gave the effect of gold on top of water. What a great experience.

Some sea caves that look like the ones at Apostle Island. May I report that we had about a 6 hours on the water and never flipped over or dropped the camera. We were exhausted with a smile.

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