Monday, September 21, 2009

Prince Edward Island

This is our second day Adventure road trip to the Central Coastal area of Charlottetown in Queen's County. It also included a jaunt to the Southern area of King's County to do some wine tasting at Rossignol Estate Winery and to see the famous Brudenell River Golf Course.
We took a self guided walking tour and one of the key places not to miss when in Charlottetown is Province House. This is where the idea of "the dream" of there being a Canada was first recognized.

The conference room where the various delegates met to discuss possibilities. Could there be a CANADA?
Rossignol Estate Winery...... John liked the medium body red wine...... I LOVED the ice wine. Then the lady served the fruit wines.... Now you probably can guess that I loved them..... but John like them also. My favorites are the maple fruit wine, the cranberry fruit wine, the raspberry wine. Coming in top on the list however, was the maple liqueur. It was so warm and smooth it just melted in your mouth with a maple flavor.
John at Brudenell River Champion Golf course. He had his clubs but I could not get him to play a round..... he was just happy to have stepped on the hallowed grounds. We had dinner at the Golf Club House. It was very nice and seafood chowder was good.

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