Monday, September 21, 2009

Prince Edward Island, Canada

This is my picture of the Confederation Bridge. It does not do it justice.... it is 8 miles long and very sleek looking. It is what connects Prince Edward Island to the rest of the world, and the only other way off the island is by a Ferry boat.
Our strategy to see PEI was to divide it into 3 sections. We planed our RV home base to be in the central area near the Gulf of St. Lawrence. And our first adventures take us on the North Cape Coastal Drive. This is called Prince County and we wanted to see the lighthouse at the very northwestern tip of the island.... of course called North Cape Lighthouse.
The towns along the way were very small and usually around water ways. The wind is very very intense and the people were very friendly.
Us in front of the chowder house and Cape North Lighthouse. We had lunch of lobster and seafood chowder soup, of course.
Cape North Lighthouse. You can not see them here but they have several (my guess 12) large towering turbines windmills that give PEI about 10% its energy. The windmills look like the ones we have seen in California.

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